Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Glass Ribbon event really free? 
Yes, with the exception of the $36 event shipping fee that we charge.  That fee covers shipping materials to your event, shipping the mosaics back to our studio, and shipping any finished items that have been purchased back to you. If you need an item shipped individually to another address as a gift, or another reason, we can do that as well but will need to add an extra $10 for each of those instances. We do ask that all participants be given the opportunity to purchase the items they’ve created during the event.

Why should my group choose to do a Glass Ribbon event?
Groups who have participated in Glass Ribbon activities tell us that it is an unforgettable event.  Importantly, it is a way for participants to gather together in a shared effort to join in the fight against breast cancer, or perhaps to support a loved one who has recently been diagnosed.  At the end, there is satisfaction in creating a beautiful piece of glass that will be used by someone who appreciates your support.   As a special thank you, the host or hostess of the event will receive a beautiful piece of handcrafted art made by The Gary Rosenthal Collection.

Can I do a Glass Ribbon Project as part of a party, such as a bar or bat mitzvah reception?
A Glass Ribbon Project works best when people gather specifically to create the pink glass mosaics together, not as part of a larger event not connected with breast cancer awareness.  Doing the project as part of another party might not provide the space or opportunity for the community-building and engagement that comes from doing a project.  Also, we require that food and drinks be kept separate from the glass.  We recommend that a Glass Ribbon Project connected to a bar/bat mitzvah, wedding or other event be conducted as a separate gathering well before the reception. The Gary Rosenthal Collection reserves the right to decline Glass Ribbon Projects if they do not meet our guidelines.

What items can be made at a Glass Ribbon Event?
Each participant can choose to make a pink glass mosaic for a set of shabbat candlesticks, a menorah, a dreidel, a mezuzah or a tzedakah box.  Your group can preorder a specific selection of items, or we will send mosaic patterns for a selection of items.  View the complete list of items here.

What materials will you send for a Glass Ribbon Project?
We will be sending multiple kits for making mosaics along with with bags of tumbled pieces of pink and white glass. Each kit consists of a blank glass template attached to a card. That is where you will glue your mosaic pieces. The glass pieces will come in large zip-loc bags. During your event the glass pieces should be spread out across the center of the tables to make it easier for participants to find the pieces they like. We typically send extra kits in case participants want to make more than one item.

What materials do I need?   How long does the event take to complete?
Basically, you’ll need a room large enough to accommodate your group, large flat tables with white paper tablecloths and Elmer’s Glue.   To send the materials back to us you will need the boxes and packing materials they arrived in as well as plastic wrap for wrapping the finished pieces with. It takes anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes to complete a mosaic, but you might like to include extra time for socializing and refreshments.  When you’re ready to plan the nuts & bolts of your project, our resources page has materials that can help you plan and promote your event.

How exactly does the process work? How does my activity produce a finished product?
In a nutshell, you will glue glass mosaic pieces onto a glass template however you like. You send it back to us and we do the rest. For a detailed look at what goes on behind the scenes, check out this page on our Hiddur Mitzvah site. Glass Ribbon follows the same process.

Can I purchase the exact mosaic I just created?
Yes!  You can purchase any Glass Ribbon item you’ve just created for a 25% discount off of the regular retail price. View a list of products and discounted prices here.  The coordinator of the event is responsible for collecting any payments and including them in the shipment back to us. Like any Glass Ribbon purchase, 10% of the sale will be donated to Sharsheret. If your group has a different charity you wish to support, the 10% from purchased items can be donated there. It usually takes about two weeks to get your finished item returned to you via UPS.  It is free shipping if your items are sent to the event sponsor’s location.  Add $10 to have an item drop shipped to your home (domestic shipping only).

Can I make a gift of the mosaic I’ve just created?
Yes, you can send the item you’ve just created as a gift to a friend or relative, or perhaps someone that was recently diagnosed.  Same as above, you can purchase the item for a 25% discount off the regular retail price.  For an extra $10 shipping charge, we will drop ship your item via UPS (domestic only) directly to another address.  If you like, we’ll include a gift card with your requested wording.

What happens to the mosaic I create if I don’t purchase the item?
Your mosaic will be used to create items in our Glass Ribbon Collection that is sold in retail store nationwide and on our website.  It adds a whole new dimension of meaning when the pink glass mosaics have been created by a group of people who have been touched by breast cancer. A portion of the sales of these items is donated to Sharsheret to support those in the fight against breast cancer.

How long is the lead time to set up a Glass Ribbon Project with my group? 
We can set up a project in as little as two weeks, although more lead time allows for better planning and communication with your participants.

I have a friend or relative who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer, or is being treated for breast cancer.  How can I use a Glass Ribbon project to help?
A Glass Ribbon project can serve as a way to gather a community together to help support and honor someone affected by breast cancer.  In addition to helping create the items in the Glass Ribbon Collection, your group might opt to make Strength Stones for your friend or relative.  Strength Stones are small pink glass stones cut from larger sheets of glass that have been created as a community effort during a Glass Ribbon event.  Your group members can keep some Strength Stones for themselves, and give some to the friend or relative.  Holding a Strength Stone can serve as a reminder of support and a source of comfort during a stressful situation or difficult treatment.   Similar to the other Glass Ribbon pieces, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of our Strength Stones is donated to Sharsheret. 

Can you help us develop flyers and other publicity for our Glass Ribbon event? 
Yes.  We have sample flyers and files you can use.  Or, give us a call and we will work with you to develop materials specific to your event. Visit our resources page for more information.

How can a Glass Ribbon Project become a fundraiser?
The Glass Ribbon Project can easily be tailored as a fundraiser for your own organization or a specific breast cancer cause.  The simplest way to do so is to sell the sculpture created at its retail price, or auction it off, keeping the difference as profit for your organization since you will only be charged 75% of that cost.  Another option is to charge a small fee to participate in the project that is still free of charge to you. We also offer the option of a twinning project where you make two of the same item – a Shabbat candlestick for instance – at 50% of the cost, keeping one for yourself and donating one as a gift to, for example, the cancer ward at a local hospital, to be given to recovering patients. There are doubtless many options we haven’t even thought of and welcome any suggestions.

I have another idea to use the Glass Ribbon project within my organization.  Can I set it up my way?  Can you help me plan it? 
We’ve suggested just a few ways we’ve worked with people on this project.  There are dozens of great ideas and ways we can work with you to use the Glass Ribbon project as a catalyst for breast cancer awareness.  We’d love to help you plan your Glass Ribbon event to make it as successful and as impactful as possible.  Please contact us at or call us at 301.493.5577 to discuss planning your event.